Julia Rill

I dedicate this to my beloved uncle Bernd, who lost his life after a long fight yesterday morning at 6 am. he loved life and never wanted to leave. 28.12.07 Favourite music Metal, punk, hardcore, gothic.

After the fight

What happens after the final battle is won? The lands are destroeyed the warriors were fighting for and all the friends killed. What are they feeling?

Angel of Wisdom

Wisdom can be a terible weapon or a great help. It could be misused. And to prevent this and to protect those, who honor wisdom, the Angel was created. In this case here i tried out a type of poem called Glosa. I hope you like it!


um, well, the title says everything... :P

Tragic love

There once was a wizzard, so powerfull no one could defeat his surrounding spells. But one day is concentration was crumpling down. He met his love. And in the moment he fell in love with her and all of his mind was only with her his enemies cast a spell at him - and hit him...

A Dragon's tears

These are the thoughts of an immortal dragon, doomed to see his world getting destroyed by the mortals.

Crying angel

This is a poem about an angel who has to look at the deeds of the dead to either let the through to paradise or bann them into hell. But this angel is of a softhearted nature. Instead of despising the sinners he/she feels sorry for them and cries about their lost souls.

Fallen Angel

After a heavy fight between the God of light and the God of darkness many angels were killed. the hords of the dark side intruded the realm of light and destroyed what came into their way. the forces of good were able to drive them back, but the dark lord managed to take one of the most beloved angels with him, put her in chains and ripped her out of heaven. the God of light freed her, but hate had conquered her soul. so the evil master achieved his vicious goal, to get the good god to punish his favourite after she had been a victim and drive her out of his realm, where nothing that has dark thoughts is allowed to stay. this decision tears the good god almost apart...

Moonlight dance

A fallen angel tells her story how she lost her wings.

Forgotten Gods

and again, the title says it all. Just some thoughts gow Gods feel and what they do after nobody believes in them anymore

The golden fay

A human was allowed to see the golden lady, queen of the fays. he fell in love with her and visited her many times in the past. but one day they have to depart - forever, for he hfeels he has to die. his lady, though, is immortal. but he does not fear death nor the fact he has to leave her. he knows her spirit will be with him wherever he will go.

The Awakening

The first thoughts and felings of a man, just awaking as a vampire.

Thoughts of a warhorse - shortstory

This is the second part of a project i am working on. I want to write about the same subject in three different ways, see how it comes out and which one i the best way. Nad truste me... it's hard!!! In so many movies or books you read or see warriors take off to battle on their trusty warhorses. But nowhere it is explained how these poor animals feel... until now. :P

Your light

An angel helps you out of you sorrow. Even when you think everything is over and it can only get worse, not better, when you are so desperate that you accept your fate, there will always be someone or something that aves you. you just have to listen.

Angel of Courage

This is another one of my angel - series. This time I chose the form of a sestina. Really difficult... so I had troubles to keep the rhythm... well, I still like how it came out, though!

Angel of Joy

Joy is a lifely, happy character. She is enjoying life in all its facettes and celebrating every new day. This one is a type called Kyrielle. It was fun to write! And I think it fits to Joy's character perfectly!

Angel of Hope

Even in the darkest hours of your lives there always will be one shining light for you to see. This light is Hope. I chose a poem type called Terzanelle for this poem. It was not so hard to write than all the others. In fact, it was rather easy. It was, as if the poem wrote itself... I think there is Hope for my writingskills... :P

My Saviour

a happy poem! i can't believe i wrote a happy poem! :P it is about a 'lost one' without hope in life, who is saved and carried away by a dragon.


A soldier in his moment of rage. But all he has in front of him is an innocent family. will he stop when he wishes to smell blood? No. He kills them all with weapons and magic. and then he sees what he had done...

The Necromancer I

Hm, a Necromancer preparing his army for battle.

Thoughts of a warhorse - monolog

did anyone ever wonder how a warhorse might feel on its way to battle? well, i did! :P

The King of Darkness

this is something like a dialogue between the leader and his army. everything that is on the left the leader says, and everything that is on the right the army says. well, you cannot really call it dialogue for they don't communicate with each other.. butt well... :P um, lets see how i could describe it... hm, i think there is nothing more to say. it's just two different views from leader and followers, who are the king of darkness and his army of undead - or unholy (i am not quite sure yet) - servants, awoken to destroy everything living on this planet.

The Necromancer II

This piece is a little different from other poems and stories about the dark evil necromncers. Just read and you'll see.

Angel of Love

Love indroduces her and her feelings. She tries to show her point of view and how she experiences her mission.

Memento mori / The Moireas

in december 2007 my uncle Bernd died. He was only 37. All his life he had to fight, for every single breath he took, for every heartbeat. He was disabled, had a genetic diseas, and everything that seemes so normal and so easy was painfull and hard for him. and yet - he loved life. he loved every minute of it and didn't want to leave earth. and so he lived almost 8 years longer than medicine told him he could. but allthough these 8 more years he had been given his death came too early. It hurts like hell to know him dead, to not being able to talk to him again, to come to his room and not seeing him there. myself, I am healthy, there'snothing wrong with my life and yet I dreamed to die for the last couple of years. Only the thought of leaving the ones I love with this pain that i killed myself kept me from leaving. ANd now, fate took the one who would have done everything to live and left the one who would almost have done everything to go. th way of the Moireas is strange... Memento mori is latin and means something like: remember you have to die.

Angel of Faith

This story is dedicated to Emma Kathryn McDonald, who is now a friend and agreat inspiration. Emma gave me the idea to write poems about the 8 virtues. This one is about the angel of faith. It describes, well, what she is good for, i guess. What she feels and so on. Why she became th Angel of Faith.


In the worlds of old, especially in the worlds where royalty rules with sword and iron fist, but listening to the warnings of the piests and following their laws, the illegitimate cildren of those royals are mostly not met with friendly feelings.

Hero's chains

When all hope fails, when all those who are powerfull despair, the land far and wide has to face great peril, the heroes are called to come to people's aid. When all can run away, turn their backs from death and danger, the hero still have to stand there, awaiting it, even when his life might be taken away. The hero always is expected to stand tall and strong, sword in hand, faing evil, with no fear in his eyes. this is what he has to do, be brave and unbendable when all other give up.

Arrogant Dreams

This is the story of a young princess. She had everything anyone could ever wish for and yet it wasn't enough. Listen to her tale, my dear, and learn from history!

War of Gods

When suddenly there is a danger far more evil than anyone could ever had been thinking of sometimes enemies unite to defend together what is theirs. In the lands of Roan live the creatures of light and day. They don't know much about each other, all that they know is, that they are different. From simple not knowing came not trusting, and after decades hate grew between them until the great war began. But what they didn't know was, that they are all praying to the same God, the Goddess of Time, the one that orders all, light or darkness. the fighting went on and on, until suddenly the real enemy of the creatures, of all that lives, appeared, the God of Chaos. In this moment the people of Roan realized, that they were living in an intriguing peace. Time seemed invinceable. Everything She rules and puts in order. There is nothing that could escape Her. Nothing but one: the God of Chaos.

Welcome home

well, what could i say this one is about? the first few lines tell you everything. it is about a girl who seems to be lost in the world she lives in and has nor purpose in live. but then someday, something happens...

Angel of Peace

Yet another part of my 'angel virtues' series. This time the poem is about the Angel of Peace. It shows her, how she is lost in the struggle for power.

Death of the immortal

How can someting live forever? not even immortals does. There always will be the time where they have to leave the living. This is a song and yet I have no idea how the melodie might be... :-P

Dream of Death

a woman descovers her true familiy. And her purpose in life. what seemed to be a dream is reality.


One day there comes the time when even the truest and best of all people will be tested by evil...


The angel of Hope is back! This time the nations of Light and Darkness have to unite to defend what they love against an enemy so muh more evil then they could have imagined! And the time is so short, they can't even use magic to defend their homes! this is supposed to be the lyrics for a metal song.