Hello.  Well, I suppose small facts would suffice for this introduction. My name is Katie, or atleast that's what I like being called. I am about to turn 21 in April, and am very excited indeed. I am going to college where I am studying History with a minor in Communication Studies. And no, I'm not sure if I want to be a teacher. It has crossed my mind, but I haven't decided upon that path, yet.I've only recently decided that I wanted to start writing again, after many years of abscence. I realized that it was a skill that I didn't want to lose and I was going to continue whether it went anywhere or not. So, with that in mind, please feel free to comment and help out. I will warn you though, I am terrible at grammar...For any of those who actually read this I would like to inform you that our Beloved Larry N. Morris recently passed away. I cannot recall the exact date of his passing but,  I know that it was at the beginning of this month. There are only so many days left for the people to leave comments on his page. I would like to express my sadness at the knowledge of his passing. He was a wonderful person, and he helped me in several ways. Mostly by just being here to critique my work. He will be missed. Please, don't forget such a wonderful person as Mr. Morris.Comment Prize: Robyn L. Smith for the 100th comment. Her prize is the poem: Is Love So Strong.Fellow Writers:Brandi Weaver: She's written several lovely stories.. and some very good jealousy provoking poems. If you're going over there I would suggest you read The Hunted Parts 1-3. You will not be disappointed!!Lyndsay E. Gilbert a.k.a. Liadan: She has written some absolutely lovely poems!! She is actually the person that got me interested in writing poems. My personal favorite is Samhain Night. To read it clickhereDale Hardman: He has actually completed a story!! Yes yes, I know so exciting!! It's called Re-Incarnate.. and it is an amazing story. I would suggest that you read it on a very rainy, yucky day. Because you're going to find yourself sitting at the computer all day.. trying to read it in one sitting. Yes, it is that good!!Kyle 'Frozen' Steeves:  All of his stories are dark and gruesome, which is a very nice change!! He is also an artist and his art website can be looked at hereIan Collishaw: Don't worry, it wasn't a mistake. He's my brother. He just joined like three days ago, so be nice to him. He only has two poems up here at the moment but they are both pretty well written. I'm not sure if he does anymore, but I feel the need to include him.  Richard H. Patton: He is a wonderful artist with a lovely little cat named Smithson, who only enjoys the simple things in life. He does read his comments and returns the favor ten times over. I definately recommend his gallery for those who feel they aren't doing so well with their artwork. His entire page just shows that if you keep trying you will get better and better!Just FYI I have included my aim nickname, but am hardly ever on.And of course, please enjoy. And keep trying in everything you enjoy, it makes life so much better.Oh, yes. Poems have the little star * next to their names, everything else is a story. I like I love to read, and am recently trying to enjoy writing again. I love going outside and being active, though I'm not as active as I would like to be. Favourite movies Dragonheart is my all time favorite. Then of course I am a sucker for Disney movies.... Favourite books David Eddings is my new favorite author. And of course, can't forget the Dragonlance books.. Actually, it's time for a bit of honesty. I love all science fiction fantasy books... most of the time. Favourite music Everything.



I was so sick of people making stories about death. Talking to death, being death blah blah blah. So I decided to write a story about Death's not so distant Cousin Fate

Ghostly Flesh and In-Between

The World of In-Between is a world where if it's done once its' done a thousand times. Take a tour with Benjamin Thomas Mendall as he goes about his daily routine over and over and over again. This is the longest story I've written so far! I wrote it in basically one sitting. Oh yes.. long agonizing hours.

The Portal of Dreams

I wrote this story for my mythology class Sophmore year. WE had to write a myth about our school. I wrote about why we aren't allowed to go into certain rooms. Of course, I put my own spin on it... and vwalla The Portal of Dreams

Unforgiving wishes

This is actually 'Starlight.' I just tweaked it a little bit. WEll little is actually a lie. It took me about three hours to get it into how it is now. It's (obviously) longer, and I hope that you all enjoy it a little bit more. ** I am actually looking for an artist to do an art trade on this one. I would LOVE to see my star-woman on paper. If you would like to contact me that would be wonderful, but do it soon because I am looking for artists at the moment. Ah yes, in return I can write you almost anything you want.**

*Child's Dream*

My first attempt at a poem. Inspired by Unforgiving Wishes. I would love to hear comments on how to improve my poemist skills.

Under the Bed

This is a warning to all those who dare to clean under the bed. You never know what evil lurks in the darkness just beyond the light of your bedside lamp.

The Moderator

This little story is dedicated to our hard working moderators.

*Death, to my side, Come*

Well, this is the second poem I have written. And this time, it Rhymes!! I'm so very proud of myself. I was in the hallway going from my art class to math and I thought.. I wonder what it will be like to die. And then this 'lil baby came to form. And I wrote it ( rhyming even) in math class!!


You're sleeping over your best friend's house and she tells you her mother is a witch. You don't believe her and then she shows you something that opens your eyes to a world outside your own. But, who do you believe? Your best friend, or her mother,'the witch.' This is my first dialogue only piece ever! Hope you enjoy.

The Last Day

You wake up one morning, and your neighbors aren't quite normal anymore.

The Devil's Dog

This is a story about how I think the devil gets his souls into hell. He has this little dog that goes around collecting them The dog is based on one of mine, her name is Sady. One day I was looking at her and she had this evil little smile on her face, like she knew something. And then KAPOW this story came into my head.

*Beneath the Sky*

This is the longest poem I have yet written!! YaY for me. This poem is about a mortal woman and her vampire lover. Of course.. some one has to die in the end. But, does one of the lover's die just because of a lover's strife? Or is there something more sinister going on?? Hm.. you'll have to read it to see it!!!


I was looking at a picture by Brandi Weaver. I believe it is called ' Look from Above' This story just popped right into my head. I have no idea what to call it. So please if you have any suggestions Tell Me!!!

*Is Love So Strong? *

This poem is dedicated to Robyn L. Smith for the 100th comment prize!! (I'm sorry it took so long!!) I've been wanting to write another poem for a long time, and I sat down and this just started pouring out. There really isn't a rhyme scheme ( which is totally different from all my other poems) It is about two pages long, but it was a lot of fun to write!! Hope you enjoy!

Last Kiss

Sometimes, you're able to say your last goodbye.