Tara Shaw

WRITER BY SPIRIT: WRITER BY SOUL>i love to write, read and talk. basically.i;ve always written and its all that makes me happy apart from maybe cake.i like cake.please browse thruogh my work and comment on my work. enjoy! I like writing, reading,drawing Favourite movies DR WHO!!! heroes, Xmen,Star wars

The start of the end of the world.

In the dying embers of the last battle of the 1000 yr war, not even that can distract Khosis the Half Vampire, and Riley the Werewolf from trying to unite the survivors and get along, even maybe find love. Can love blossom in the ashes of the war...

If you were to meet...

A poem where feelings are sorta..personified as women. each beautiful and deadly. just a spur of the moment poem which had a mind of its own.

My beautiful stranger

A crowded ballroom, husky perfume filling his young and fanciful head. How can Lorian help but be whisked away. this is a story about the begining of a destructive love that spans over four hundred years and started with a kiss.

Beautiful oddities

A short but sad lil poem i wrote a while ago.

The elf in the lake

two souls met in the reflection of the water. even inpossiblity cannot prevent them. A quick attempt at a poem... enjoy!!!