Tayla Waterworth

I've been writing stories pretty much since I could write. Unfortunately, I have quite a dark sense of humour and have been told my stories are disturbing. Oh well. :) I like Writing (duh!), reading, trying very hard to play guitar :) Favourite movies Movies: Van Helsing, Constantine, Titanic Favourite books Anything by Terry Pratchett or Neil Gaiman. Favourite music Anything by My Chemical Romance, "How Wonderful Life Is" Elton John, "Butterfly Kisses" by Bob Carlisle.

Angel of the Night part 4

Lorenz continues on his desperate and melancholic journey, passing briefly through the life of a 'working girl'.

Angel of theNight part 3

Lorenz's story continues, this time told through the eyes of a lonely young artist.

Lake of Tears

A slightly different view of what may await us after death...bizarre ideas tend to pop up in my head at random times.

Angel of the Night (part 2)

Lorenz story continues, this time told from the point of view of another vampire.

Butterfly Boy

Once upon a time, in a far away land, a young girl was visited by a magical being. Half man, half butterfly, this beautiful immortal boy enchanted her and slowly she fell in love with him. However, a buttefly is not a pet and everyone knows that a butterfly has to fly... (This is only a first draft. Constructive criticism more than welcome!)

Poker Nights

This was originally a school essay. The topic was 'My First Date' and it started me wondering what fairytale princesses would discuss during their girls' nights. This was the result. Enjoy! :) (Portia and Titania are both from Shakespeare plays, Christine is from the Phantom of the Opera, Belle and Cinderella are fairytale heroines :) )

The Affair

I have a character named Kyron, who has a rather unusualy heritage. This is a descriptive piece that shows his parents, before he was ever born. Basically a bit of background for my other story, 'Death's Son'. (The category is mystic cos it didn't fit any others)

Angel of the Night (part 1)

This was orginally a kind of sequel for what happened in my novel Lord of Darkness. However, it is pretty much a stand-alone story now, as I much prefer Lorenz to any other character I've ever created. This is only the first chapter - it's a work in progress. (And it's in the horror category because none of the others really fit).

Death's Son

The character Kyron kind of bounced around in my head for almost a year, but I could never think of a story to put him in. Eventually I got started on this. Comments and constructive criticism will be appreciated!