Tyler Brennan

Mwuhahahahahhaaaaaa!!! Bow down to the warrior with shades. hehe, j/k. *lowers shades for a sec* Well, welcome to my Fan Quarter gallery. You'll probably notice that you don't recognize any of the characters that I have here. Thats because I like Star Wars RPG, and have no desire to draw the characters in the movies. My stuff therefore borders on the Sci-Fi/Fan lines and Elfwood wants me to put them here. So here they are. I strongly encourage people to look at my fantasy stuff in Lothlorien (gallery 317) as I have quite a few more drawings there that I'm sure you'll like. For those of you out there without the energy to do so(and I know where you live...uh, I mean you know who you are), I'll recap whats there. I'm a student at SCAD (art school in savannah), I'm from Orlando, I like fantasy/sci-fi everything. I'm 22, light hearted, and have been drawing since I was a kid. I hope you like my stuff. If you do, feel free to add a comment. I like them. Visit often and tell all of your firend's friend's friends. If they have no friends, tell random strangers. They'll be glad you did.............................or perhaps give you a strange look. One or the other =o)