TC de Hoyos

Hey everyone, my name is T.C. de Hoyos and this is some of my artwork.  I'm a 26 year old artist who loves to draw and create peices of art formed by my imagination.  99% of what I draw comes outta the ol noggin, I hate drawing from an object or image, I would MUCH rather create from my own imagination!  Most of what I draw is stylized, not intended to be a hundred percent accurate, but usually exaggerated in one way or another.  I'm currently a graphic designer for a company called Rusty Pickle.  It's a scrapbooking manufacturer and I design all their cute little papers and accessories, not what you'd entirely expect by looking at my artwork lol.  BUT, if anyone sees my stuff and wants me to work for them, I'd GLADLY change jobs and get paid to draw what I love to draw!  Take a look at my stuff, I plan on updating a little more often now and if anyone wants to email me, you can at  Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the creations of my peculiar mind...You can also check out more of my art at and that isn't fantasy related.  There's actually quite a bit more on that site.