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 Ugh, I really hate how I drew Frankie in this, but everyone else came out really well so I guess I'll put this up. From top to bottom, left to right we have:Banastre Alister - the main character from my novel, Monarch. He's a Figment, a person of the Dream Realm, where human souls go when they sleep - but most Figments have magical powers and Ban is totally powerless. He's got blue hair and those circles in the center of his eyes are pale green. He has a deep, deep desire to take over the world.Frankie Sketches - he's also a Figment though he looks like a human. He's got powers over paper, can conjure it and manipulate it with his mind to form weapons or whatever else. The stuff he forms looks like paper mache or origami. (He's also supposed to be Japanese but you CAN'T TELL HERE XP). Also I think this pic makes it look like he's perving on Katie, but he would totally not be into her. XD As for his color scheme, even if this was in color, he'd still be all in black and white.Hecate ("Katie") - she's a nightmare. Nightmares, or "Mares" as they're called in the book, are Figments or other dreams who feed on fear - it gives them amplified speed and strength, boosts their magical powers, and turns their eyes and teeth black. Eventually they can turn entirely into dark vapors at will. Katie is a major girly-girl cheerleader-type and she has an army of evil Barbie dolls.Carol ("Carrot") Wartooth - she's actually human! She's a disembodied human spirit who is trapped in the Dream Realm (which happens to be Banastre's fault). She's odd for a human though, because she has seemingly inexplicable amounts of physical strength. As a disembodied spirit she has a semi-transparent, ghostlike appearance, void of all color - though her body in the human world has striking naturally-orange hair, hence her nickname.Maybe False - I'm not exactly happy with how she came out either! She's a Figment, and also my personal favorite character in my book. She's Italian and has an Italian accent; her skin is literally olive. Her hair is sorta pale blond and her pupils / irises are bright yellow. She's a bit of a romantic (pervert) and has a drinking problem. She also has power over souls - she can jerk the souls of human sleepers around like ragdolls, look into a place she calls "Cielo" and pull souls from its heavenly pastures to put them back in their dead bodies (though it only lasts a little while, and she only does this as a special service at furnerals). She can also resurrect dead animals to form her own taxidermy army. Most people in the Dream Realm think Maybe is a fraud.Sosifus Papillion - also a Figment, and the son of Justice Papillion, who is about as high in Dream Realm government as a president. He's a high-blood noble sort so he has tons of powers, some related to capitalism (he can cast spells called Bull Market and Bear Market where he conjurs a giant bull and bear, respectively, to fight - they're formed of money and have coins for eyes). He's only thirteen but he's chosen to not go to school in lieu of working with the cops as a detective (he has some powers that help him investigate, like this spell called REMember that lets him hold an object and unwind its entire history before his eyes).    

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