Nikolaos Kaplanoglou

My name is Nikos, I am an automation engineer and I live in Thessaloniki the second largest city in Greece, capital of the Makedonia region.   Ever since I first encountered Elfwood ten years ago I always wanted to have a gallery hosted, but never actually made it happen. Now that I finally did, I can only hope that everyone will enjoy the drawings that I created on my spare time, and make this gallery one of Elfwoods favorites.  To pay honour to that encounter I decided to post three drawings that I did in Deluxe Paint back in 1997 (still think of it as a fantastic piece of software). One could say that these posters were ment to be in this gallery.   My major influences are sci-fi and tech-fi cinema and fantasy cinema (gotta love those movies from the 80's). Of course Advanced Dungeon & Dragons games and early RPG Adventure games played a big part too! Considering books I will only mention one here: Michael Ende's 'Neverending Story".   I like technology very much as it is a large part of my life besides my work. What really excites me though is the magical reality and the beauty of mythological images; Greek mythology, Celtic, Gothic themes are among my favourites. I also find intriguing some neo-mythologies such as Middle Earth, Cthulu mythos, and younger ones like The Matrix trilogy, Star Wars saga. All these give me much food for though ...and a great source of inspiration for my art! To sum up, in this gallery you'll find both futuristic/cyberpunk and fantasy/magical themed pictures.Enjoy! The nickname is inspired by the Babylon 5 Tv series cosmos - Technomagos (Greek for a "technomage")