Katherine Hallberg

Greetings :D I am Katherine Hallberg, but known around most of the internet as 'Kitteh'. I've drawn ever since I could hold a pencil, and that's about it. I work in a variety of mediums both traditional and digital, whatever suits my needs. I love art, and I can't live without it. I am currently a sophomore at Carnegie Mellon University in Fine Art and Anthropology. It's really tough going and not exactly my favorite subject to speak about.  Much of my inspiration comes from the different kinds of music I listen to -- mostly techno, heavy/power/epic metal, and celtic/'new age'. (Blind Guardian fans unite :D) Also, most of my work consists of my own characters made for stories I have in my head. By the way, some of my images may contain mild to moderate sexuality. It is nothing to be ashasmed of I think. Pictures!I don't do requests anymore except for those who get hit markers on my website or on deviantart. However, I still ADORE art-trades, so send an e-mail may way, please, so I know you're serious. I also do commissions, I have the prices and such posetd on my website. Commission me! --3/6/06 - Holy mother of God! I keep just loosing track of this place. Oops.