I'm a people specialist, I draw humanoid creatures for the most part. mainly because the wide range of expression you can use, and partly because there's something about people that makes drawing them well very satisfying. you know, well enough to make people say "holy cow, that's good!" I'm not done with it until my critics are silenced, then I can be proud of it. And yes I'm a perfectionist, I'll draw something, then later when I look back on it' I'll freak out because it could have been so much better. anything I post here has been examined and cross examined to the point where I've been scrutinizing it so much my eyes hurt, so please be absolutly honest about your coments. I WANT an outside point of view about my work, it makes trying to find the problems myself much easier and I tend to be an understanding person, so comments don't come to me as insults, it's simply another view. I also enjoy teaching what I've learned the hard way, so if you see something I've done, and want to know how to do it,  just say something. I almost forgot, I'm a big fan of reading for inspiration, and music helps too, so if you're ever in an artistic jam, hunt for your imagination without mercy. Here are a few places you can look for it...Dragon magazine, D&D monster manuals, Christopher Hart books, and wildlife documentaries. If your not an animal artist, try studying people from a distanced view, pretend your just an entity, not a person, and really look at what people do and why. And listen if something in the back of your brain tells you there's something wrong with your work, it's normally right, and with a little thought, you can usually correct the problem before it's carved in stone.  

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