Terra-Anne Cameron

Well I have been writing since I was eight and a friend of mine told me about this site and thought i would check it out. I just want to say that if it takes me a while to update I'm sorry but I am a pretty slow typer and I just want things to be perfect. I write to make a character that I would want to be, I don't make the character's life perfect but it will usually end up alright in the end... I have always just found that I need to write, it is something inside me that just makes me want to write. and some things that inspire me to write are just everyday life and the real belife that faeries, elves ect really exsist. I am to tired to make this really nice so i'll come back later to fix things. And Just a note, I know it takes a while to upload but I'm working on uploading 3 or four things at once which will take a little longer to begin with but you'll all be happy in the end. Promise. OK an update I know I haven't updated for a while but I'm sorry

Faerie's Day

A normal faerie's day


Well this is the start of a beautiful story... I hope

SummerStar Part 3

What is going to happen to the princess?

SummerStar Part 1

So the story begins

Fire's Story

This is just the prolouge to my first book, I hope you like it.

The Little Faerie Girl (Poem)

Faerie's Broken Love

This is a short poem about a faeries broken heart.

SummerStar Part 2

And so the plot thickens

Faerie Lovers

This is kind of twisted into my SummerStar story.

SummerStar Part 4

Your getting to learn more about SummerStar's past, and her lover.

Lost Directions (Poem)

This poem is about a faerie who has been exiled.

Faerie Poem

Just a short poem from a girl faerie to a boy faerie.