Terra Presotto

I have been drawing from a very young age, I'm 24 now and have continued drawing on and off for quite some time. I've only taken art classes in high school and wish someday I can learn to do artwork on the computer. I draw mostly fantasy art but I will also draw anything that grabs my attention. I like animals and have quite a few at home, they always inspire me. I'm never satisfied with my art because I am an perfectionist who will always strive to improve my art work! Please feel free to leave me a comment on my pictures, I always like to hear feedback so I can improve on what I draw in the future. Thanks Elfwood. for all the support and kind comments you've given me. I've been having some computer problems latley, so i've had problems posting my work. I have a couple of pictures for you but their in the process of being completed . I hope you like them!