Terry Ernest

I`m basically more Hobbit than elf,I stumbled into the Hobbit's world about 43 years ago and never found my way out. I`ve always wanted to create the images from the Hobbit & Lord of the Rings. I live in a village called Pinhoe (An old Anglo-Saxon name for hill). Pinhoe resides in the county of Devonshire, 15 miles west is another small village called Chagford on the edge of the enchanted land of Dartmoor,where the magician Brian Froud weaves from unseen world his magical art!. To the east 10 miles up the coast lies Sidmouth, where Mr. Tolkien and family used to spend their summers. My ambition is to try and emulate these wizards, and create my own magic. I am gathering odd sketches I have done over the years, in the hope that it may spark off new and creative work once again. Well enough said!, here's some of my work that I've already conjured up for you, I hope you like them. I`m adding a lot of conceptual Artwork in tag:"Other Works" Please take a look ... you're comments are always appreciated..positive or negative ... :)