Tawny Marlowe

Dark Flight

My muse has been on a 'Wings and redemption' kick lately. I listen to her when she whispers, so here is her latest... er... musing.


---For those who know, who understand, and who truly care. You know who you are.---


Cheyenne thought that all she would have was a good time at the concert. What she found was another like her, one who she had been taught was deadly.

Shadow Dances 2

As pieces of her past are revealed, Liz Etah struggles with the painful memories. But she knows that to escape, she has to explore everything, every memory...no matter the cost.

Shadow Dances 3

Damian learns the dark secret that Liz hides from him, and gains confirmation for many of his own unvoiced suspicions. But even as he learns there is a way to save her, he is forced to watch as she is pulled ever farther away from him by her dark Master.

DreamWeavers 3

Slightly worried over what he's learned, Raziel returns to his Dreamscape to converse with the other Arkos Weavers. There, he learns of a dark secret that has been in their midst for far too long, and creates more questions than it answers.

DreamWeavers 2

Cheyenne is found by her worst nightmare...A Slayer. But how he is in the waking realm, she has no idea. She just knows she must escape him, or lose herself.


Not really a story, not quite a poem. This is what comes of a dark stormy sleepless night, when my muse is feeling a bit down. ---Dedicated to you, my Dark Poet, because I know you will understand.---


A dark journey, along an unknown path, the outcome uncertain...

Requiem For A Broken Angel

In the dark of the night, does hope yet remain for the wounded soul of a broken Angel?

The Final Farewell Part 2

Having embraced Death, the Dark Butterfly now finds herself faced with her final battle. The one that will decide her fate for eternity.

Dance of Fate - Chapter One

In the dark of the night, a crime is committed, and a child is forced to flee or face execution. What will she find when the journey finally ends...?


Again, wings and redemption from my muse. And again, this is for my Dark Poet, who I know will understand.

Memoir of A Broken Heart - Chapters 1 & 2

A tale of love, and of loss. She, a mere human girl, attending a college. He, a Lycan; not wolf, but Shifter. They are from different worlds, but they find love one fateful night, the one night that forever ties their destinies together.

The Final Farewell - Aftermath

Her Dark Angel at last comes to find what she left behind, and his heart breaks for the loss of his Dark Butterfly... but he eventually comes to understand that she will always be with him.

The Final Farewell

In the darkness of her heart, a Dark Butterfly can no longer find a reason to go on. This is her farewell, her last words to a world that had forsaken her to pain and Death himself.

Birth of an Angel

As the title says, the birth of an angel. This one is for my muse.

Behold the Angel

---For my Dark Poet, and my broken butterfly.---

Life Beyond Existence

Written after learning a terrible piece of news. Hence the darkness of this piece. ---For those who know, understand, and truly care. You know who you are.---

Shadow Dances

In a future world, the war is over, but a new battle has only just begun. Caught in this fight, two people must learn to trust each other in order to save themselves, and the only world they know. But first, she has to relive her past, to understand her future.