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I recently had the rather annoying experience of forgetting how to draw--not completely, but let's just say I lost my special touch (which comes from thinking of a drawing as a solid, real thing existing in space and time and participating in what is happening). When I got my special touch back back I stayed up to an unholy hour of the night (I drew this around 4:00 am) filling page after page with sketches because I was so happy to be able to draw again. There is only one good thing about forgeting to draw--it makes you realize what the most important things are about drawing are when you are forced to remember them. I even went so far as to write down a list of most important things I forgot about. I thought some artists out there might find it interesting, though some of these thing will be hard to understand without enough background knowledge--tell me what you think. It's just a little insight into the mind of an artist. 1. Be an artist, not an art theorist. 2. A drawing can only be as real as it is in your mind. 3. Gesture is the thing that breathes life into your work... or just a bunch of scribbly lines if you do it wrong. 4. Never try to draw like someone else because you will draw their picture instead of the actual things you are trying to draw. 5. The same theories that make one drawing a success can make another drawing a failure if they become more important than the reality of what you are drawing. 6. If you believe a line is just a line, that's all it will be. 7. Don't blame it on the pencil! 8. Just because a drawing is a frozen moment in time doesn't mean there is no action or movement--without it a drawing is only a diagram. 9. The difference between drawing well and not drawing well can be so subtle that you have no idea what you're doing wrong. 10. Drawing is extremely easy... when you're doing it right. 11. Getting frustrated does not improve your drawing skills. 12. Always be sure you're not just going through the motions of drawing well. 13. Muscles are squishy, bones are hard, clouds are fluffy... how the hell do you expect do draw them right if you think they are just rigid shapes? Picture this with more detail, color, and put into a real composition and you have a preview of things to come in this gallery.

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