My legal name is what is stated above, but my real name is Itachi M. Hayabusa and will be my legal name soon enough. All the work I publish here is my own work, unless stated otherwise. Most of it is from Alpana, which is a world that I created myself. Between here, Alpana, and all other worlds and dimensions is a time-place, or un-time-place, called Thaikar. It has often been a trap to the unwary, and the only bond tying one world to the next. Alpana also possesses its own language and culture/belief systems. I am also working on writing comics. Most of these express styles most similar to manga. If you are interested in reading them please go to my DeveantART  site for now, but I hope to have my own site sometime soon. While you are enjoying my work, it is important that you remember that all of it is copyright to myself, and you have no right to use any part of my works or any concept of Alpana without my express permission.   Updates   31 January 2011: I am working on getting more pictures up soon. 16 May 2011: I sent some new stuff to the moderators, so the new stuff should be up soon. 17 June 2011: I decided to wait on uploading one of my pieces until Christmas. I hope to start work on another piece soon and get it up.