Apollodoros Phlamandos

I'm a student Archaeology at the Katholieke Universiteit van Leuven. I'm very interested in ancient cultures, with a focus to the Ancient middle-east and eastern mediterranean region. But my interest is not limited to that particular region, I'm also interested in all ancient cultures before the coming of christianity. After that it's always the same story of exploitation, slavery and genocide. As you can notice I'm not very fond of christianity at all. The fact I despise christianity itself however doesn't mean I despise those who CHOOSE to believe in christianity.For myself I've devised (and am still devising) my own eclectic religion with elements from many others. I don't believe that there is any ultimate truth or one true religion, so every belief is partially right, and partially wrong. Everyone is thus entitled to find his own truth and live by it, given that he/she does not attempt to prevent others from doing this. That is why I choose to believe in many Gods and Godesses which all work together to keep the universe going.I'm homosexual, although I don't believe in the point of using such obsolete terms als homsexual and heterosexual, everyone is bisexual to some extent. Thus there really is no need to make such a ridiculous dictinction. I also believe in the absolute equality of men and women, and indeed the equality of all men and women, of whatever religion, ethnicity, class, etc.But back to my original point; my knowledge of ancient cultures and lifeforms helps me greatly to try and devise fictious cultures and lifeforms in my own Sci-Fi-story I am currently writing. I'm not planning to publish it to Elfwood, I just hope to finish it one day and to be able to publish it in the form of a book. In that aspect I will probably also try to make drawings in the near and far future, which I'm still not sure of whether I will publish them on Elfwood, we'll see about that when it comes to it.There's nothing else I think is worth mentioning, so I'll stop this desciption. I like I like reading, and the genres i prefer are (obviously) Science Fiction and Fantasy. Furthermore I am interested in archaeology, paleontology, astronomy, geology, etc. I have a modest collection of minerals and fossils, and a large collection of books (244), and if I have to count in al the books of my parents and sisters, that would be over a thousand I think. I also like to write stories and poetry (from time to time) and sometimes draw (even rarer then poetry writing). Favourite movies - Star Wars-saga - Stargate SG-1 - Stargate Atlantis - Battlestar Galactica - Doctor Who (current series) - Torchwood (Spin-off from Doctor Who) Favourite books - The Wheel of Time-saga by Robert Jordan - The Lord of the Rings-saga by J.R.R. Tolkien (The Hobbit and The Children of Húrin included) - Earth's Children-saga by Jean M. Auel (not fantasy or Sci-Fi per se, but it's very good) Favourite music - Disney - Enya - Urban Trad - Laïs - Film music and soundtracks - Lilly Allen - Alexander Rybak - Classical music