Tadd Hardy

I like to draw with my trusty rusty 5mm.(easier to erase that way!) I end up running out of eraser before a stick of lead! Oh well, at least I try. That's all anyone can ask,right? I've been looking through much of the art here in Elfwood, and I must confess I'm in really great company! YOU GUYS ROCK! ALL OF YOU and I mean it! Well, I like to collect comics, listen to music, (check out Blind Guardian.... Blatant plug),play my guitar, I pretty much have a full plate! Oh,well... Jack of all trades,master of none, as they say! I am also a rabid internet freak, now that I finally have it! Here in Ohio, in my small town there isn't a whole lot to do, but I manage to keep myself busy. It's nice and quiet most of the time, I enjoy sharing life with my wife,Paula, and our insane cat Tigger. We like to go to RenFairs and dress up! (See pic) Well, since I've talked your ears off, I should probably let you get to what you're here for.... THE PICTURES! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, by the way, I updated to my new web address. It is MUCH better than the first!