Kelly Bornstedt

Current Home: Somewhere in Oregon Current School: Chemeketa Community College Current Job(s):- Baker Short Bio: Part nerd, part artist. I'm a strong right-wing Christian, born and raised in an Air Force household. I lived between military bases, changing schools every year or two. At one point, I was home schooled. I was not even aware of the internet until 8th grade, by high school I was actively a member of online art communities. I rarely watched TV, read few books (Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia were about it really). Over time I began creating my own stories, my own worlds, and my own characters. As I grew, they became a large part of my life. Art Style: Uh... well it's kind of a mix between anime and realism I'm told. I love to draw fantasy figures, elves, winged beings/ creatures, mythical beasts of my own creation or from fantasy stories and lore, animals, and sometimes the occasional landscape. I use mechanical pencils to sketch out all my works ranging in .3-.9 and when I do choose to ink something (which is pretty rare for me) I use felt-tipped markers ranging in .005-.8. I color my work in Adobe Photoshop 7.0. All of my characters and stories are original creations. Moving around the country kind of cut off my resources from things like the internet, tv, and popular fads so all my creations are pulled from my own head and I'd appreciate that it was respected as such and for none of them to be used without my consent. I also refuse to draw yaoi/yuri subject matter... not my thing.    I like * Reading: CS Lewis & JRR Tolkien. * Art: Anime-ish, Fantasy, Nature. * Role Playing * Writing * Video Games: Suikoden III & V, Final Fantasy IX & XII * Animals (Kitties!) Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, The 12 Kingdoms Favourite books Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, The 12 Kingdoms. XD Favourite music New Age, Movie Soundtracks, and whatever. I love a variety of music.