Impossible Halfbreeds

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Kelly Bornstedt

Kind of a lame title, but let me explain a bit. Ambronians are incapable of producing half-bred offspring. They were the chosen race of the realm's creator, perfect in his eyes and a race that he longed to see prevail over all others despite the odds against them. Any being that procreates with an Ambronian will in turn become one themselves during the...well...process, and any offspring produced from the highly fertile race will be pure. Forestling, as well, are incapable of producing half-bred offspring. They cannot mate with each other, only by those outside of the forest can impregnate a forestling, thus the reason for the sirens of the woods' tendancy to lure in unsuspecting partners through their illusions and haunting songs. Their song lulls the mind into such a state of pleasure that the more the focus on the source of the song, the more pleasing to the eye the creature becomes. Soon the creature is the very picture of the victim’s ideal mate and from there it's easy baby-makings. The offspring will always be a foresting though the partner will retain their species. In a way, it's kind of like pollinating. They need a source from the outside to make the little seedlets. However, the first, and perhaps only, halfbreeds were created when Harlequin ( ) was seduced by a forestling female by the name of San. Soon after, Harl was transformed into an Ambronian through the bestowment of the title of the guardian of the wood. Ambronians are creatures of will, the intent, dreams, hopes, and even fears of the parents help form the child. Even through after conception, the presence and will of both parents influence the child. Forestlings also do not give live birth, instead they carry inside their womb seeds bearing their children. Once the seeds are large and hard enough to survive outside their mother's body they are regurgitated, clear but hard shells containing the growing fetus children. They age much faster than much races, hatching only a few months after conception and able to walk, speak, and comprehend the world before their first year. So there you have it. These two are yet to be named but they are the first and last known halfbreeds created between the two races. It's likely next time Harl plays around with San in the sac that she'll become Ambronian herself, thus the loss for the potential for another halfbreed.

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