Tiffany Hayes

New story up!!! The first 4 parts of Demon's blood is up, and I have soo much more. I pretty much have this story completely in my head, and I'm working on linking the multides of fragments I have written for it. I am also very actively working on revamping Order of Chaos. Despite the fact that it says it jumps from two to four, four is really three now, because I dumbed a useless chapter (and yes, it was useless...). Chapter will get renamed as I get around to editting and updating them.  I have also started yet another story....As crazy as it, I had it stuck in my head begging to be put down, and so I listened to it. I put out 15 singlepspaced, typed pages in one day, and now I refuse to look at it, lol. Editing and actively working on multiple pieces seems like a bad idea....but who knows, I may throw what I have up (after some serious editiing, I'm sure).  I like I love to read, I love to write, I love movies and music; I love being in the sunshine, and the crystal clear blue skies of New Mexico, though there is nothing like a lazy day with a book curled under a blanket while the rain pitter patters outside :) Favourite movies Firefly, Stargate (the movie), Serenity, Star Trek (The new one :D, though I enjoyed most of the shows too), The Last Unicorn, Lord of the Rings (ok seriously, who didn't?), How to Train Your Dragon, any and all of Hayao Miyazaki, umm...I love movies, this could never end, just like my list of favorite books... Favourite books Hmm...<3 most Elizabeth's, lol. They always seem to make good writers: Elizabeth Haydon, Elizabaeth Kerner, Elizabeth Moon...Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, Brandon Sanderson, Richelle Mede, Robin McKinely....I think I can go ono for a long time, lol. Read them, love them, pass them on :) Favourite music I'm stuck on Loreena McKennitt and Two Steps from Hell these days...but I like most things in general (minus country and that rap crap)

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