Ovarey: A Roar of Ancient S.O.R.R.O.W

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Carmen Harris

Sorry the pictures small but this is one of my recent dragons I created. His name is Ovarey from a powerful dragon group called S.O.R.R.O.W.  HE is the first O in the word.  He is also known as Acid Inferno.  Because he spits acid as a weapon.  Ovarey can also change into a human to blend in with the culture at times so there is no unessacary conflict.  Ovarey is normally paired with the dragon named Rixter: Joker Incarnet.  Rixter is much like a joker or jester.  Very lean, flexable, and tall.  As well as haveing an annoying laugh and being strange and completely an utterly insane. Ovarey can't STAND Rixter, YET he is the one who always get s paired with him in missions.  Ovarey is calm(for the most part), wanting peace and quiet, and he loves to read, he is also distant at times to the world.  He is still a fairly young dragon but has seen much within that life time.  He had a wife once but sadly was killed by Mulkuth(I think that's how you spell it...gosh it's sad when I can't even remember) an dragon who was corrupted by evil and death. Now Ovarey still seeks a mate to make up for the one he lost but he still feels the greif of watching her die right infront of his eyes and not being able to do a thing.  Ig uesss I could give you a short story thing about it.... "...Life was a cruel thing, Ovarey realized this quite soon in his young life.  Only at the age of 20, in the human cycle of life, did he lose....everything.......  Rixter looked at Ovarey, head in his hands and for once no laugh of great annoyance passed through his mouth.  But instead a whisper.... "Want someone to listen?" Ovarey looked at him then waved him off, signaling he didn't want to talk about it.  Rixter sighed and walked off but before he did, he turened slightly and softended his eyes a bit, amazed himself at how "normal" he was acting. "I look up to you, Ovarey.  Maybe it's time you learn that not trusting anyone can be the most lonelliess thing you will ever know.  God wouldn't have made people to be around you if he hadn't wanted you to have someone to call a friend.  I may just be a goofball yes I know....but....I wouldn't be the same without someone to turn to when I can't hold in my thoughts, my dreams, my hopes, and...my griefs....Well. goodnight Ovarey." Ovarey lifted his eyes and looked out at the silver stars that glistened in the night sky as if crying with him.  He heard Rixter walking away.  Maybe, just maybe he could just this once.... "She was my life." Rixter turned and smiiled a bit.  He just stood there, listening, just like he promised. "She was my...everything.  I LIVED for her and she for me.  We were never apart even when we didn't like each other romantically.  She told me that she would out live me because of she was a woman.  And look where that got her.  She's....dead, because of me.  ME.  I can still hear her voice screaming my name as she was killed.....right in front of me.  Have you ever felt that.  The feeling of seeing soemthing you love die right infront of you and you had no way of stopping it?" Ovarey turned slightly to look at the standing Rixter. "No.  I have not." Ovarey nodded. "I thought not.  She was my everything....." Flashback How did we get here?  In THIS postion.  We were minding our own bussiness when suddenly we're her ein a dungeoun, waiting to be killed. "Honey....I'm...afraid." Ovarey looked over and comfrted his mate. "It's alright...I'm here.  I'm here." he said with quiet reasurance. She hugged him close not wanting to leave his safe arms.  He put his head on the top of her head and close his eyes.  But the moment was ruined by the sound of a door opening. "Alright love birds the Master wishes to see you two." A man pulled them away from heach other and they were taken to the "master." If only I could change.  But they gave me some drug keeping me from changing. "So....you're Ovarey.  You don't know it yet but you...oh you....will be one of my biggest enemys.  So let us see what we can do to damage your hope hmmm...." said a deep evil voce. Ovarey looked around and glared, "You will never win whoever you are!" "Hahahaha!  Good one.  Oh how many people have said that before I kill them...." Suddenly a huge black dragon the was decaying showed himself. "Oh how many....." he grined evily.  He then turned to Jara, Ovarey's mate. "Oh ho ho.  Who is this.  Your...wife perhaps.  She's a keeper huh.  Too bad she must die.  Bring her to me." "No!  Leave her be!  Take me if you have too!  Jara!" He tried to reach for her and she tried to reach for him but failed.  He could see the fear in her eyes.  "Ovarey!  Ovarey!  Please, help me!  Ovarey!" she was sreaming at him.  Repeating his name over and over again.  Ovarey found the strength to break free and he ran to her. The dragon huffed and rolled his eyes.  He took hi clawed hand and shoved a clawed finger into his stomach, causing Ovarey to spit up blood and fall to his knees in pain." Jara screamed, "No!  No!" she was shaking her head trying to wake up from this nightmare. "Shut.  Up."  said the dragon. Ovarey looked up in time to see his wife stabbed in the heart.  She stopped screaming and fell to the floor, eyes fading, losing their color to dullness.  The dragon laughed and disappeared. "Let him be.  He will survie but his wife will not.  Let him be." And everone who had been there was gone, except fro Jara and Ovarey.  He yelled and crawled to her, fighting his pain.  He got to her and he rested her head on his lap.  She had always loved when he did that.  She opened her eyes a bit, still clinging to life, as if she had to say something before passing. "I...never....blamed you.  I....love...you."  she scremed as the pain took over.  She reached her hand out franticaly, searching fro something.  Ovarey knew what.  He grasped her hand with his and intertwined his fingers with hers, tears falling down his face. "Don't leave me here.  Don't leave me here, Jara." She smiled a bit a looked at him. "Thank....you...for....everything....my love." And just as quickly her hand went limp in his hand and fell to the ground as her eyes went blank.  He shut them and cried over her.  Finding the tears that he never would have shead as a dragon.  Some people say that if they go to that cave to sleep they see a huge dragon and another dragon laying beside him dead.  The other dragon crying out in a mourning cry, yelling the name in a deep dragon voice...."Jara.  Jara.  My sweet, sweet Jara." End Flashback "....my memory has been implanted there.  Forever replaying that part in that cave until the day I die.  Everyone call the cave "the Loney One's" cave.  I may be devastated Rixter, but I've learned, that life is to short to waste and too precious to not stop and smell the flowers that only if you slow down will you see." Surprisingly when Rixter looked up at Ovarey, instead of loneliness, was the largest smile he had seen Ovarey with, and he could see, that losing, could sometimes lead to a better life.  A life worth living.  A life....that showed that we can overcome anything so long as we have faith that we will pull through it." Sorry it's so long.  Lol. Ovarey (c) to Partypirate or Carmen  

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