Britt Banko

Hey, thanks for paying my little neck of the wood a visit! My name is Britt and I like to consider myself an artist (not really, it just sounds cool:) I like to use pencils and draw live models a lot--usually making them all fantasyish or whatever. I play the violin and write my own (poopy) songs. I love music and singing and it's my number one inspiration! (Hey, I said I like to sing, I didn't say I was any good!) I also terrorize the neighborhood in the summer on my bike and I like to jog more 'n' anything. I write poetry and have already written a novel I plan to have published . . . uh . . . sometime. I usually spend my time annoying/disturbing my already weird and wacky family and enjoy scaring people in public places. Lol. Anyway, I hope you like my pictures! Feel free to comment on how I can improve my art. I live for comments! ^.^ Enjoy!