Joy Koestner

I first learned to crochet at 20. I stopped and kind-of forgot about it for about 5 years. My daughter was turning 2 and loved play food, and I realized exactly how expensive good quality play food was and decided to crochet my own. Once I got the basic techniques down, I started making my own patterns. From food, I went on to hats and dolls and other toys, and from there to slightly more detailed dolls. And then I fell in love! After lacking the technical know-how to do well at pencil sketching and lacking the dedicated time to be able to work in polymer clay before it got either covered in cat fur or smushed by little grabby hands, I realized that I'd finally found a medium I could really create in that was easy to pick up and put down, and a lot easier to pull cat fur out of. ;)When I'm not crocheting up a storm and chasing after small children, I like to quilt and read and have snuggly kitty times.