Doobly Darling

...CHARLOTTE WYATT... Queeni Doobly, Cynic Pessimist Hacker Of Hell Da-Ha Wittywitty Common Thwob Pea Star Glomp. ...ABOUT MOI... I'm a British artist, I mostly draw human related subjects and have always been interested in the fantasy genre. I draw often due to the artistic courses that I'm taking, but my personal artwork is mostly done on Photoshop with assistance from my A5 Wacom Graphire tablet that has managed to break twice and still has no screws... The main characters you'll see in my Sci-Fi & Fantasy gallery are Maurice and Mort, a devil and a vampire, though I do vary my subjects, they're what you could call my "pets". In this Fan Art gallery... erm... just Doctor Who related items... My style consists of big black lines, scribbles of colour, and the occasional trail of a smudge tool. It comes very quickly and passionately to me. I want my art to be strong, bold, powerful, without perfection and most of all; different....MY DEVIANTART ACCOUNT! CLICK ......DOOBLY'S NOTICEBOARD... Just apologising if I take a while to respond to your much appreciated comments, I'm much more of a dA-type person (link above), but I'll get back to you asap! Cheers!