Harry Morris

Hi, I draw and write simply because I don't have enough space in my head forĀ  all the stuff that appears there. Most of my free time (and even not so free time) is spent conjuring up new places, people and everything else, about 50% of which ends up on paper. Writing is something I've always enjoyed, but I can honestly say that Elfwood is where it all started for me when it comes to drawing- I was searching for images to illustrate my homework and among the Google results was a fantastic sketch by an artist who's name has regrettably gotten lost in my crowded head.From then on I've been pretty much self-taught and am always looking to learn more; I'm a learning sort of person I guess. I appreciate that my drawings are far from masterpieces, and pale to nothing when compared with some of the fantastic work on this site, but hopefully by sharing I can improve :) I like reading, writing, drawing, idly talking (partly to myself) about nothing, current affairs, cake... Favourite movies Hmmm, where to start.... let's just say all of them. Well, most of them anyway. Favourite books Again, "all of them" seems the best answer. Favourite music Well, whatever sounds good really. I'm not a big music person.