Worlds Apart

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Rasha Al Najjar

These are probably two of my favourite character!  However they do look very hauntingly similar, and that's something I can't seem to get over!Erib: on the left is actually a Wych (one with special powers who protect the Wall from Shifters) and he lives on Sel Island in the world of Sol Regalis.  He is also the Light Bringer, one who  is born every epoch with great power when the world is dying.  His destiny is to wake the Soldiers of Apocalypse and cleanse the world so it can start over.To do this, he has two very special eyes, the Eye of Knowledge which is green, this helps hhim see all that man cannot see, and understand all that is almost impossible.  And the Eye of Innocence, which is blue, and helps him see other worlds, the desires of mankind, and what could be if the world were perfect.  Both these eyes are conflicting and MUST have the other to balance them.Gallaway: on the right.  He is a Marked Witch (ues witches can be male) he lives on Esralin Tantas and is not a nice guy at all.  He is marked by his wasted arm and his Master is Darkness, the master of all Marked witches.  However he is a very powerful witch and thus is his master's favourite.  He hates everything in general and everybody, however he does have many psychological issues...his Dark Gift is maniuplation, he can usually get people to do whatever he wants and feel safe around him, though they cannot explain the feeling of fear.He is a Captain in the Issan-Bel army, thus the crest on his shoulder, and despite being blind in one eye and all but crippled in the wasted arm (something he keeps well hidden for fear of witch hunters) he is a very good fighter and is the prodigal ward of General Hasgoth (later to become his arch enemy) Although these worlds are seperate, they were connected at one point in the past before the Great Parting.  Now there are tiny links between the worlds, and also Erib does eventually end up on Esralin.  He will come face to face with Gallaway, that is guarenteed.  However they are NOT related in any way.Artwork and character details are (C) to me (Sleyf) Rasha Al-Najjar

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