Thomas Robinson

Not much to speak of here. As a college student in sunny Florida (or rainy, depending on your location), I often find myself bogged down with work punctuated with long stretches of time to be otherwise bored. Of that time, I typically end up doing one of several things, be it fantasy (largely dragon) art, 3D model design (which runs the full spectrum of genres; most will not be included here, nor on a personal page until they're ready), idle writing, or just anything I find myself interested at the given time. Gaming also works, though I tend to do less these days. Social life works too. Essentially what you will find here are the works I've decided to make more public, considering they haven't yet torched the pages they were drawn on (or the file written to) with their hideosity (Cynic? Check). Drawing has always fallen under the realm of 'catharsis' for me. Comments are welcome, but I've never seen myself as particularly amazing at it. And please keep flaming to a minimum - there's probably enough of that from sneezing here, anyway.