Murph Beb

 Just a Fantasy Rpg writer/artist who really has nothing better to do than draw all day and hang around in the woods. I like Drawing a lot!!!,playing video games,listening to music,Martial arts and hanging out in the woods and with friends and best of all sleeping, like a cat. Favourite movies Eragon,the odyssey,Battle los angles,Avatar the last air bender,x-men2,x-men origens wolverine, The Tinggler,The seven voyages of Sinbad(original),The Avengers,Chinese Ghost story,Big trouble in little china town, Die monster! Die!. Favourite books The chronicals of narnia,Don quixote,The Odyssey,and the original Goosbumps series of books, H.P. Lovecraft stories. Favourite music Symphony,Metal,classic rock,old Country,And just about anything else.