Sofie H. Tholin

'You have entered the world of survival horror. Good luck. You'll need it..'Hmm. Apart from the obvious fact that I adore Resident Evil, what is there to say about me? Well, I don't like cyber muffins, so unless you are planning on actually sending me some in the mail (yum!), please don't leave me any. My guestbook here is not for idle chatting, look me up on Elftown instead!But I'm really a rather nice person. Honest! ^_^ Now go read my stories!What's that you say? You've already read them? All of them? And commented on them too? Really? Cool!In that case, check out the work by these talented people.. The Veil of Hope, an extremely enjoyable novel, both twisty and twisted, written by my best friend, potential soulmate and muse of sorts, mr.wolfie (co-writer on Moonlight Drive). Not for the faint of heart, but then again, if you liked my stories, I don't suppose you are! Or if you're in the mood for another kind of darkness - this of the lacey and romantic kind, you really should read everything and anything by the lovely Stacy Payne, a talented writer with a penchant for pretty boys (or so it would seem! ^_^). I really adore Stacy and her work, and you should too!Comments on my stories WILL be returned, EVENTUALLY. I promise.

One of Those Nights

A quiet little story dealing with the undead. And a grave digger.

Moonlight Drive

Co-written with the talented Martin, whose other lovely, twisted and clever work you can find here!.But read the rest of my stories first! ;)Enjoy!

Spinner of Fate

A second chance at love, or merely a cruel whim of fate?