Hi! Welcome to my page!Here is a short bio about me:My name: JoJoMy favorite color: Green!!!Things I hate/worst fears: Alarm clocks, shots, doctors, heights (sometimes), hyenas, being locked in the same cage as a hungry lion, etc..Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, west coast swing dancing, fencing...Pets I have: A dog named Daisy, 17 guinea pigsFor most of my life I made myself believe I was only good at drawing horses. But this was wrong. I am not good at drawing horses. So now I draw all sorts of stuff. I have a sketchbook dedicated to drawing unsuspecting fellow humans. I'm not gonna put those up here because a) they do not fit into the elfwood categories and b) my lifespan would be considerably shortened. Great... I could have just written all that into the new Bio box thingies >. Anyway...In my opinion, the way to improve your art is not *just* to keep practicing, but to keep practicing with a definite goal. Many people will continue without huge improvement because they have no standard. Of course, it's not nearly as rewarding to improve merely by copying something else. But if you are set on improving, don't just practice, but practice with all kinds of references and soon your own style will shine through. Use all sorts of art forms and find your own niche. I personally use photo references usually to help me improve, because that is the basis for any sense of proportion or detail. Anyway, that is how I got from stick figures to actual creatures... I like Guinea pigs!!! <3 Favourite movies LOTR, Shrek :), Lost, heroes, Remember the Titans, Much ado about nothing, alien vs. Predator... etc. Favourite books Most of the Terry Pratchett books... Eragon, Eldest... Favourite music Relient K, Switchfoot, Imogen Heap, Evanescence, the Fray, Celtic woman, the hush sound and random other songs... and soundtracks :D