So, new bio for 2004! I'm an anthro dragon-lion hybrid with silver skin brown fur and long brown mane, who likes to draw colorful stuff while listening to metal. Phew, that was a brief one :P Favorite subject to draw? Furries, of course ^__^ Tho, I may draw other stuff (like dragons or humans) when I'm in the mood :P Favorite artists: check the links page of my furry den.What else? I'm open for art trades!! I'd prefer a trade on furry art, yet, other subjects are also welcome. But, first of all, if you are interested in an art trade with me, better read the faq section of my homepage first.UPDATES: Jun 14, 2004 added: SarissaKeep in mind that all characters, should they be dragons, humans, furries, or other species, are copyrighted to me, unless stated otherwise. That is, you are NOT allowed to use them. No stealin'. Respect the artist's work. Claws upon art leechers.