Jonathan F. Nybom

First of all...Thank you for taking a look at my drawings. I hope you like themAnd now...A boring descrition of me: Age: 21  (16 on the picture)Country: Finland City: Turku Faivorite type of animals: Saurian/reptilian in general: Lizards, Snakes, Dinosaurs and Dragons Faivorite food: I'm not sure. Faivorite type of music: Heavy, Progressive, Melodic, Speed or Power Metal (not Death or Black Metal) Hobbies: Ski, Electric Guitar, Drawing this kind of stuff, PC Multiplayer Faivorite PC games: H-L-one: Natural-Selection and Second Life.Faivorite X-Box games: NoneFaivorite PS2 Games: NoneGoals: To get a good job that doesn't have a repeating routine... Utopia: Create a PC-game based on my art or start a career on Metal-music.Other things I like: US-manufactured cars from the late 70's to mid 90's (I like big cars with column shifters).I must apologize for my grammar. It ain't perfect.