Tia Dudley

I spend alot of time reading random books, I have an interest in obtaining random knowledge. I also enjoy listening to amazing music and dancing with abandon. Dancing in public is so fun once you accept how rediculous you may very well look. I'm listening to oldies at the moment. I spend a good deal of my time trying my very best to portray my perspective of the world and all its colors through art and through writing. Sometimes it works beautifully, but other times I end up with a canvas dripping with paint and emotion that still fails to convey my message to other people. Oh well, life isn't perfect. And thats why there's walgreens. I will kiss the girl from Venus for scientific purposes. I will dance with a microchip in an attempt to understand technology. I have a feeling down in my shoes, I'm taking off these heavy boots. I love random ADHD moments, mystical, magical, the movement was beautiful.