Vitia Latino

Here is my fanart section!! And if you want a half decent bio- go to my fantasy page!! *hops up and down* And NO I am NOT on crack! 'What are you on and where can I get some?' ~inside joke between Tucker and I 'Life is one big LOL or Sigh' ~Me 'But I like them' 'That's nice, I like them too...' Whoa! I just added a buncha stuff- hopefully I will be able to draw more fanart stuff (or just art in general) in the near future.

Fortress: Chapter 1

This story is inspired by high concentrations of fantasy, my life and Sting's song 'Fortress Around Your Heart.' I am a pretty irregular writer, but I hope this to be one of the few stories I finish. I had hoped to make it a wordless comic, but I realized if I didn't get the story down first, I might never be able to draw it if inspiration left me. Ok- now I am going on for too long- Here is the first chapter of Fortress- Enjoy!

Black Angel

Oh another unfinished story, and I don't remember where this one was going to go either. But I liked it enuf to put it up.

Cyber Punk Story Thingy

Um...just randomess. I might work on it some more if you guys like it enuf.

Dream Boy

I came up with this story August of 2001. Tis about a girl (elven) who falls in love with a guy (human) who appears in her dreams and her eventual quest to find the real thing. Needless to say it only got this most of my stories...yuup...