Hello everyone! How are we doing?  You know,  I've been a part of Elfwood for a very long time now and I want everyone to know how much a appreciate all the wonderful people who've worked thier butt off for me and all other artist, -allowing- us all share our art with each other.:round of applause:  I also want to thank everyone for sharing thier comments and critisms with me.  I dont respond nearly as much as I should, but no comment goes unread and they're all appreciated.  Now, I'm not gunna lie.  My main goal here is, -hopefully-, to impress you and to give you something nice to look at.  I dont upload my art here for praise or any such nonsense.  I just hope, that, like a good book or a free porno, you can all enjoy it. Oh, and one day soon, I'll be able to give you a link to my rated-MA work. Ciao.