Tiffanie Gray

Hello all! I hope you enjoy my imagination both visual and written.Most of my stories here are based on role playing sessions, some were just ideas that ebbed and flowed and left marks upon the paper. Many of my pictures were sparked by wanting to show what my mind's eye was seeing in the stories. Relax and enjoy my worlds. Favourite books Baen. Especially the Free Library of Ebooks at: http://www.baen.com


Litivus V

A short story about far scouts and alien encounters. But more especially about communication.

The Ace and the Adept Ch1

Chapter 1 of an in-progress novel. Dax is a fovorite of mine and he pops up in many incarnations. This is one of his earliest.

Upper Air Cowboy

The final frontier? What if weather had to be managed like cattle herds?

The Latest From France

Sometimes I think the fashion industry gets a little out of hand. This is my take on getting really out of hand.

The Ace and the Adept Ch3

The next chapter...

The Switchboard Operator

Science class can do wierd things to your mind...

The Ace and the Adept Ch2

The continuing saga of Dac and Tymon....

Jinx - portrait of a pessimist

Jinx was a really fun character. Here is a little bit of her life and brand of philosophy...

Hy meets Mikael

The start of a roleplaying based story. I absolutely adored this scene and am slowly expanding it with more detail.

Support the ERA

A silly story about a silly future.

Unicorn Dreams

This is a short story based on a poem I wrote. The poem is contained in the story, so...two for the price of one!