Lindsey Bullen

Hey everybody! Tikal here, (that is what i go by) I am a sophmore in highschool and love to do everything involved with fantasy. My favorite author is Mercedes Lackey (I love you Vanyel) and I am also involved with singing and acting. I am currently involved in a the play CHICAGO and am playing the role of mary sunshine. *mischevious grin* I have a nearly complete huntress outfit that I am going to wear to scarbourough fair next year, and I also have a short sword, a broadsword, a dagger, longbow, and recurve bow that go with. (all functional and cheap thanks to ebay wOOt). I love to read as much as a can, and am currently working on my book (which is currently unnamed.) and I will be posting many illustrations that go with it. (If you are interested in reading what i have done so far, e-mail me at I have a pet dog named zoe and she is the most hyper ball of fur you will ever meet. My Idol is my older sister Alicia, and my favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. My favorite british transvestite comedian is Eddie Izzard. (Rock on) My favorite animal is a grey wolf. I am an enviornmentalist, i like rocks, I have surfed, climbed a mountian, petted a tiger, seen a wolf in the wild, and I like to climb trees. Peace Out