"I have learned so much from my mistakes, I'm thinking of making more". I belive that you must have limits to be limitless, and that demons and ghosts are real because they live inside us (and sometimes they win). Also, no matter where I am, it makes it somewhere because I am there. The mind is a rubik's cube; not meant to be solved, but to be changed and rearranged with perspective and opinion. The glass is ALWAYS full, even if it's broken. I stopped fighting my demons, we're on the same side now (but both Cherokee wolves are satisfied.) Theory and myth catch my attention. Reading and writing are some common habits, and odd things are definitely attractive. I like video games and roll playing. Favourite books O.R Melling is a really good author, I like her first two books in the golden book of Ferie. I also like Yasmine Galenorn. other than that, I don't read much anymore, I can't specify. Favourite music Emilie Autumn will always be an all time favourite, Angel Spit is good, Nightwish, Pink, Headly, My Chemical Romance etc....

Bumping in the Night

 I was listening to Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson while I came up with a rather interesting but dirty thought that evolved onto paper and I decided it would be nice to see it on here :)  Just in time for Halloween >:]

Tears Have No Name

I believe I found  picture here on elfwood something along this line. I could not resist writing something about it. I know what it's like to cry, thinking your tears are your only company in life.

Her Gothic Love

I have an affection for reverse meaning. I love to take the typical meaning of one thing, and turn it into something else. Most people dislike darkness, death, chaos and destruction. When really they are essential to all things. Unknowingly we live with them. WITH* THEM*.

Bone Tree

I saw an illistration by an artist on this site called The Bone Tree, I could not help but admire the concept. So I asked the artist if I could write something about it, and he agreed :) I hope I did it justice, but I like this anyway.

Hunter of Shadows

 Inspired by my aunt and uncle's cat actually. (Missy) but I thought of my cat at the time (Xeena), who will pounce and dive for shadows. I love both cats, and hope everyone loves the poem just as much.

Star of Power

 I know a few friends who study this sort of thing, and whilst I am not as into it as they may be I still think it's great. I still appreciate the star of power. NOT to be mistaken with the sadistic pentacle!! THERE IS* A DIFFERENCE!

Horseman Four-Death

Death...who of you is not familiar with death?? This is the fourth, and final horseman of the apocalypse. But he rides for us all sooner or later. Expecially after any one of the previouse horsemen.....

Horseman Three-Famine

Famine! The third horseman of the apocalypse.****Rencently I have been corrected that Famine and Pestilence are the same thing, thus one of these horsemen is actually Conquest. Personaly I do not see how Concurrence is at all a herald of the Apocolypse, but that's what the Bible actually says.****

Horseman Two-War

Horseman of war, the second in the four I have done.

Horseman One-Pestilence

The four horsemen of the appocalypse! Ride the white horse that is Plague!!****Rencently I have been corrected that Famine and Pestilence are the same thing, thus one of these horsemen is actually Conquest. Personaly I do not see how Concurrence is at all a herald of the Apocolypse, but that's what the Bible actually says.****

Vampire's Dream

An incubus seduced a vampire as she rests. When she awakes, she seduces him and has herself a meal. ;) :P

Strings of Fate

String.....Matter cannot be created or destroyed. so everything that happens is part of the web.

Members of the System-Fail!

I'm sure we've all seen a movie or two where the government tries to cover up some huge secret that the people already know of but can't say anything about. Well this is something like that, like "V for Vendetta", or other movies. The government is corrupt and it's members try to over compensate.

Guardian of Angels

Okay, we're all supposed to have a guardian angel right. How many times have you asked for divine help? Well that's fine. But we really must give thanks to our guardian angels and give them a rest by doing things ourselves. Guard our Guardians, so that they can guard their own gurdians. win win on both sides.

Star Catchers

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away. Save it for a rainy day. Wish upon a falling star.....We've all heard these expressions. Well who catches these falling stars huh!

Bridge Troll

This peice is actually the second half of the extended metaphore "The Bridge Builder" in my 'Other works' tab. The builder of bridges, and the bridge destroyer. "The bridge is crossed, so stand and watch it burn!" (Phantom of the Opera).

The Bridge Builder

An extended metaphore. People always say "I'll cross that bridge when i get to it". Well this is the guy you have to ask to make that bridge you cross.

Ultimate Keeper

This is the -later- laster installment of my series of "The Keepers". I decided it would be amazing if someone were to be like this, and I thought it would be cool to have a keeper of all keepers. This combines all ten of the keepers in the series, and I hope you enjoy.

"Those Who Must Fall"

I got the idea for this from an elfwood writer. If there are issues with that, then it will immediately removed. I did rather like his idea though, thought it to be exceedingly true.

Zombie Werewolves

I think a zombie werewolf would be very amusing. The wolf would fetch it's own leg! hehe. But the zombie person would smack you over the head with it..... Anyway, I had fun with this, as simple as it is. Hope you like it.


Sleep walk. I unno, I kinda just played with the idea, and it's not the best, but this is what came of it.

The Beauty of the Beast

A brave girl befriends a deadly beast whom all fear and dispise. She knows what it is like to be misundertood.

An Instrument's Kiss

Is there really any relationship like a musician and their instrument....... I was playing my violin and the shoulder rest always leaves a red line on me, and it makes me smile to know it's there. Music is magic in itself.

Naiad's Journey

Life is fluid, matter cannot be created or detroyed. What is on this earth has will be on this earth to it's end and be recycled into the universe the way water goes through it's cycles, and the moon.


A  innocent child sits and plays with strings made of light to create a gloriouse dawn.

Dream Catcher

dream catchers come in the night and steal them gently away, and keep them safe. totured dreams can be cleanly forfilled. and hopfully lost dreams can be retrieved.

Colourless Colours

i was introduced to a facinating concept that made me think. it's good to know what's out there, even if i can't be a part of it.

Keeper Of-Worlds

there we go. the tenth and last poem of "the keepers" series. i do hope you comment, like them or not.

Keeper Of-Mistakes

one more to go, ninth in a line of poems called "the keepers"

Keeper Of-Truths

almost there, eighth in "the keepers" poetry series.

Keeper Of-Secrets

seven, seven in "the keepers" series inspired by an elfwood artist

Keeper Of-Dreams

Inspired by an elfwood artist. #1 in a series I wrote randomly and decided I liked.The rest in this series are in my 'other works'.

Summons of a Necromancer

dead things come back (mwahahaha)

Deep Seas

there are a few underlying thoughts to this poem, i wonder if you can figure them out. i'll give you a hint, look at the beginning and the ending


i decided to play with some lines from Shakespear's Macbethdone in class