Christina Medeiros

Hi everyone this is Christina. (as you can see by the pretty gold letters just above my ramblings) I'm going to try this bio a different way . . .so here i go . . . My full name is Christina Maria Medeiros, and I am a 14 year old girl of portugese heritage! I like to read, draw, paint, do karate, watch movies, ramble, and make people laugh. and I am COMPLETLEY OBSESSED with Harry Potter (YAY RON)and I think Legolas from Lord of the Rings is pretty! oh yah . . .I like to draw because i find it relaxing and a good way to exercise my highly insane/vivid imagination, or it could just be my obsession with colour! Um yah . . .Comments and constructive criticsm are higly welcome and I'll try to reply if I have some extra time . . .Toodles