I'm usually pretty swamped with work anymore, so I'm not as active as I used to be. I log on from time to time, kind of like visiting an old friend, but if I don't respond to your comments, it's probably because it's been too long since you made your comment before I comment back! Also, all of these pieces are old, starting from early high school to the halfway through college. Avid Achmedian: Avid Achmedian. Update: I finally graduated College! Woot! Now I can get paid! Christine <> I like I play a lot of video games. My main series favorites are Resident Evil Metal Gear, Prince of Persia, and (used to be) Final Fantasy. And pretty much any FPS in general. :P Favourite movies X-Files is pretty much the only Sci-Fi show I like. Mulder Scully = Awesomeness. Non-Sci-Fi/Fantasy shows: HOUSE, Lie to Me, Burn Notice, Monk, and occasionally NCIS (It comes on around dinner time) Favourite books Symphony of Ages series by Elizabeth Haydon Favourite music I have musical ADD. My iPod is like a melting pot of all genres of music, including a few of my own songs. Right now I have like everything from Coldplay to Skillet to the Killers, to 80s music, the list goes on. Just no Miley Cyrus. EVER.