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Tisha' Angel' Watson

Galatea is a bio-android that has pretty much adopted Stardust as her sister. She looks to be about 12, but is actually older, seeing as how she was created in 3022, and activated one year later. Galatea was created to be the perfect daughter for couples who wanted kids, yet didn't want to go through all the hassle and pain of raising normal children. And for the record, I'm actually pleased with the way this turned out, seeing as how I was hanging off the end of my bed and had the sketchbook turned slightly sideways. ^^; Also, a bio-android is similar to a Realian,(for those who've played Xenosaga) except that they're not made from one mold, and all have different personalities. Nor are they excessively cute. They're built to look as much like normal children as possible. And yes, I know the background looks messy. I was attempting to clean it up in MS paint.

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