06.05.06I really need to update.  I've not really drawn much lately, but I know there are a couple pictures stored away on my computer's harddrive that are bound to be interesting.  Someday I'll update... Short BioI'm entering my third year of college as a dual-degree student in engineering (specifically materials science and engineering).  I studied music theory and now I am transitioning into engineering (tough move, by the way!)  I love to draw, although I don't seem to have much time for it anymore.  I doodle a lot in my notes during class!  I love anything related to music...I play all types of clarinet (but bass clarinet is my favorite).  I am also very active in the colorguard scene, as I march both a fall guard in my university and a winterguard in my area.  I am planning on marching a drum corps next summer but finding the money is always a challenge! Anyway, I guess that wasn't very short.  Check out my webpage link to see the pictures that weren't accepted into Elfwood.  I hope you enjoy! ^_^ ArtistsHere are some of the artists which I find interesting:Sylvia Abney, Jeffrey Kaplan, Joseph 'Puck' Archer, Ludovica Wing Sheun Price, Peter Meldgaard, India Davis, Angela M. Rosquin, Yelitza M. Vélez, and Marek Milczarek.