I am a second-year at Agnes Scott College with much to do and little time to do it in. I am a music major and also in the pre-medicine program. I probably will place a few things I write for my many English classes up here just to give you something. I haven't had time to update much in the past four years...my life has been a whirlwind. Plus, I'm not too much of a writer, so anything I do write won't be all so exciting. But I hope you do enjoy. ^_^

Battle of Love

Althea and Finn met each other in the middle of the forest. Always together, never apart...Now the Magic War has taken Finn from his love's arms. Althea, in despair, joins the army. Will their love pass the ultimate test?

Battle Chapter Two

Well, I tried putting this one up earlier, but the stupid thing didn't put it up because it didn't have black text. Anyway, I hope you like this one.