Timothy Pontious

My thought to write by:A Writer is not so much someone who has something to say as he is someone who has found a process that will bring about new things he would not have thought of if he had not started to say them. - William Stafford  Now then, where was I?  Oh, I suppose some introductions are in order for my pieces....Tirra   is the name of the planet I've created for my stories. I have uploaded a some world notes you should browse for answers to questions. I've been slowly developing Tirra for years. There also is a short dictionary. If you can't find what you're looking for let me know and I'll be sure to update that information somewhere. Lastly, there is the creation myth - 'Narvad's Dream'. I hope it is different enough from similar tales to be unique to my world.Wolfstone's Journal - Wolfstone is my lead character. Bertra is a librarian (Bertram - a temporary name) who is trying to find all the pieces of Wolfstone's Journal and put them into some sort of order. I wish him luck. The ones posted here are what he has found so far. Wolfstone also appears in the Conspiracy of the Dead - from a different point of view. For the lighter side of the journal - try:  "An Imp Infestation" and "What's for Dinner?".    Conspiracy of the Dead (formerly the Dead War) is an attempt at a novel. Please read this one and give me some crits !  I have another 10 chapters figured out past the four posted here already, but those ideas are still brewing. It's not quite soup yet.  Hopefully this is not what you were expecting, and chapter four gives you an unexpected turn with a strong female lead character. You'll probably want to start with the kick-off piece, "Wolfstone's Journal - Calling All Heroes".  Oh, and Donavin's Reef (Sep 2004) is something I'm kicking around as a novel idea, so please give it a look at tell me what you think. Critical comments are welcome! I'm not really working on this one at the moment, but it would be a gas to read what your reaction is.Poems (allegedly)I don't call myself a poet. These sometimes just write themselves, and I'm only holding the pen.  Poems posted here are: Iceman, Desire, A Visit, Forest Call, and the poem embedded in Calling All Heroes.Old Souls: (Nov 2004 updated Mar 2006) started off as a musing a few years ago, and it has just nagged me until I finally wrote it. I think it probably started after I saw the movie 'What Dreams May Come'. I don't really like the ending, but it was the third one and I usually stop on 3's. I guess it still nags me.  The Osiris Legion is something completely different.  I started writing this idea about 3 days after being laid off from my previous work.  Not that I was angry mind you, oh no. Got Maps!?  I love maps. I did a map for a good writer who sadly hasn't written lately, which you can see here (and read the story too!). I'm not satisfied with the fonts, so I may be redoing that part one day.  I have some pretty cool software, so it's fun to play with it.   If you need a map to go with your Elfwood story just send me an email. As long as it is a simple map, I can do those pretty quickly and easily.  (time permitting)  A sample of my work is in the first chapter of the Conspiracy of the Dead.  If you need something much larger or a major project.... let's talk about it.  =D  I keep forgetting that alzheimer's runs in the family. =0Now where was I? Oh, yeah..... I like Maps. Worlds. And what's just over that next horizon.


Wolfstone's Journal - The Lost Inn

Wolfstone made an unexpected detour one rainy evening. I don't think he wants to return.

Conspiracy of the Dead - 01

If you've read 'Calling All Heroes', you may have wondered where things went from there. Well... buckle up because this might be a long ride. The map is one I created and extracted from a larger fractal image. I'm still not happy with the fonts, but you get the idea. The software I used is from http://www.profantasy.com. And yes, I've changed the name from The Dead War to something.... snazzier.

Tim's Tirran Terms

This is the dictionary companion for things I forget to elaborate on in my stories from Tirra. Don't forget to read the World Notes too!

Narvad's Dream

Every world begins somewhere. This is where my world (Tirra) began.

Wolfstone's Journal - An Imp Infestation

Wolfstone seems to be all gimped up, and itching for a little relief. Those imps are just too troublesome! (retitled)

Wolfstone's Journal - The Boonsword

Sometimes the price of steel is not the same as its cost. (retitled)

Wolfstone's Journal - About Herman

Wolfstone reminisces about his friend Herman.

Wolfstone's Journal - Calling All Heroes

I'm still a little surprised since this is my first Mods Choice, and only my second item submitted to Elfwood. I want to thank everybody who stopped by with something kind to say! Every adventure starts out somewhere. This short intervention by a bard probably started a half dozen to say the least.

Forest Call (Poem)

I don't think this one needs a description really. Enjoy!

Desire (poem - sorta)

If you've played those paper role-playing games, you've heard of the Egg of Desire. You haven't?

Iceman (poem)

Not all lycanthropes begin as humans changing to other species. Consider the case of the drifting Atlantic Iceman, who, according to folklore, could become nearly human from time to time, only to disappear again amid the ice. I think it was an upset Iceman that wreaked ruin on the Titanic. And now you know what really happened to Atlantis, perhaps? Yes, the meter is fractured beyond hope. Sorry.

The Osiris Legion

As the story opens, the Legion is between assignments, as it were. .... This is my first SciFi entry here. It was written as kind of a lark. Perhaps an African Swallow, but mostly a lark. The Legion is a mixed bag of orcs, humans, and miscellaneous mercenaries. Oh, and the Szith are insect-like peoples. Not the guys from that Star thingy movie.

Tirra World Notes

This is not a story. This is background material on places, gods, peoples, culture, and all that stuff going on in Tirra that the author takes for granted when he's scribbling madly.

Wolfstone's Journal - Lauren at Work

When there's not much else to do, Wolfstone often writes down what he sees as he watches people around town.

A Visit (poem)

Pretty simple really. This wolf misses one of his packmates.

Conspiracy of the Dead - 04

The subtitle says a lot. What DOES come after?

Conspiracy of the Dead - 05

Sometimes you have to tuck tail and run.

Donavin's Reef - Part 1

This is the start of an adventure. I'm not completely sure where it is going. However, I think poor Donavin is in over his head. This is the first item I wrote specifically for Elfwood submission. I think it has a lot of possibilities, and perhaps would work as the first chapter of a novel. I'm actively looking for feedback on this one guys. Thanks!

Conspiracy of the Dead - 02

Chapter 2 of the Dead War. And yes, I've changed the name from The Dead War.

Conspiracy of the Dead - 03

Continuing the saga, this chapter is where we learn what Herman is hiding under his shirt, and what these dead folks are really like.

Old Souls

I usually avoid writing anything spiritual or religious because that's just not my normal tone. And it isn't that this is a necessarily a religious piece. This is simply where my mind went when I asked myself, 'If reincarnation really happens, how does it work?' I tweaked a few things in March 2006. If you're re-visiting I would appreciate your comments again. Thanks!

Wolfstone's Journal - Going Home

Sometimes you can go home again. Sometimes you can't. Sometimes you shouldn't.

Wolfstone's Journal - What's for Dinner?

Evidently some of the stew ingredients were mislabeled at the market. That's his excuse, and he's sticking to it. But really, that's only the start of the adventure, isn't it?

Wolfstone's Journal - Hide and Seek

Don't be so Sensitive! Don't you hate it when people seem to read your mind? This problem started when Wolfstone ran into a 'witch', or an individual who has an unnerving ability to read and manipulate other people's minds. There is a more complete definition of a Tirran Witch in my dictionary.