Thorsten Kerkhoff

As time goes by... I'm a year Older by now. I'm still a student of informatics and media design. I still live in Germany. I still ... belive Bio's are boring :) From time to time I try to do some fantasy art, it doesn't always look good, but I think with a LOT of practice I can get better. I read a lot of fantasy novels, comic books , listen to musik (mostly rock and metal), play RPGs and like all artist from A-chilleos to Z-eleznik so I'm inpired by a lot of things but there's nothing which could be called a mayor influence. However as you might see I have alot of problems with perspectives, shadings, the human body, proportions... ...welcome to the IMO least talented artist in the woods. FEEL FREE TO COMMENT ->I'll survive your critics (And perhaps I'll get more motivation)