Tanya Miller

I live in Glendale AZ with my husband, and toddler son. I'm finally finding time to start sketching and painting again  now that i am at home and not working. (its great!)Many things inspire me, mostly fables, tales, stories, many books....other artists as well, even family. Its hard to find inspiration sometimes. I just sit there wanting to create something, wanting to make something so bad, but i cannot pull any ideas together. i usually end up painting some pretty little fairy haha. i'd really like to learn how to draw/paint men. its hard for me to make a person look masculine. i'm sure if i sat there and practiced long enough i could figure it out, but i really wish i had more education when it comes to drawing and painting. Maybe i'll take some college classes in the near future.  i'd really like to. As for any artists that have any tips on anything for me (especially landscape painting!) i'd appriciate any comments/tips! thanks.