Gelf Soldier

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Tom Myers

This is a genetically engineered (GELF) female soldier created by the GELF clan systems. The GELF Soldier program developed beings that are far superior to normal humans in most aspects. They are more tolerant to radiation, resistant to most biological and chemical weapons, are faster, stronger, smarter, and heal quicker. They also require less food, water, and oxygen when not in combat situations, which is advantageous for space operations. The most recent generation has slightly bluish looking skin due to differences in their circulator systems. The major downside of the Advanced Soldier program is that many of the GELFs experience problems associated with aging much faster than any normal human being. Their abilities decrease quickly after the age of 30 and they are prone to developing various forms of cancer. Partly because of this, most GELFs are made to be female and they are usually required to reproduce after their military service is over at the age of 30 to resupply the clans with new warriors. Most GELF soldiers that have not died in battle die by the age of 50. This particular GELF warrior is called Une and designated: unit one. She's equipped with an advanced light weight armor system. Most of the suit is made of a Kevlar type polymer with strands of carbon nanotubes imbedded in it. Various sensors monitor vital signs and relay the occupants current condition to a screen in front of the right eye, along with other non-visual sensor information gathered by the helmet. The left eye is able to see the visual spectrum unaugmented to prevent ECM from blinding or fooling the suit's wearer. Large arm mounted gauntlets contain the suits offensive systems. The gauntlets are modular and allow for the mounting of various systems such as power blades, micro-missile launchers, ballistic weapons, force shields, and powered coil whips.

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