please, Please, PLEASE comment and critique all works. I'm here to improve, not show off. I go by Hawke or C.J., and am known as 'TNHawke', 'The Griff Ov Sorts' and 'Tackler Of Newbies' aka 'Wacks with Pickles'. I love animals of all sorts, but I'm pretty disgusted with most humans right now. I have lots of pets including 2 cats, four ferrets, 10 finches + hatchlings, 2 angelfish and a bunch of catfish, a goose, and a rabbit. I am also a Bible Believiing Christ Follower. Most of my work here is based in some way in my imaginary world of Mysticor, which will hopefully see print some day. Being a fan of art 'theft' for my personal enjoyment, if you see something you like, feel free to click and save, but ONLY for your own viewing. If you wish to use it for ANYTHING else, just send me an email at, I'm usually happy to acquiesce. I'm also willing to do some requests and commission work, so feel free to drop me a line for that too.