I go by Hawke or C.J., and am known as 'TNHawke', 'The Griff Ov Sorts' and 'Tackler Of Newbies' aka 'Wacks with Pickles'. I love animals of all sorts, but I'm pretty disgusted with most humans right now. I have lots of pets including 2 cats, 3 ferrets, a bunch of finches, and a bunch of fish. I consider myself asexual, possibly otherkin, and am currently twitterpated in a D/s relationship.  I am also a Bible Believiing Christ Follower.  *grin* Most of my work here will be based in some way in my imaginary world of Mysticor, which will hopefully see print some day. I'm working through a story I first wrote when I was 13, way back in 8th grade. It was great for when I wrote it, but as I'm now a 28 year old college grad, it's time to fix this one up- a lot. So, I'm posting it bit by bit. Check out my Fantasy/Sci-fi and Fan Quarter accounts. I'm willing to do some commission art work or trades, so feel free to drop me a line. please, Please, PLEASE comment and critique all works. I'm here to improve, not show off. Thanks for looking!  

Mysticor: Redemption Chapter 1: Froykell

Chapter One is completely re-written. Same basic thing happens. Froykell takes over. It's just better now. Ignore the strange indentation (or lack thereof). I blame Word. And I refuse to fight with it any longer.

Mysticor: Redemption Chapter 2: Escape

Yay! Next installment of Mysticor. Here we have the princess Myranna escaping from the castle. Again, ignore weird formatting, it's Word's fault, not mine.


This is a quick excerpt from the Mysticor Redemption story that I jotted down one night. I'm wondering what people think. I enjoyed writing it. (hint- read the glossary first, it'll help this make more sense)

Music of the Soul

I know I promised more Mysticor. And technically this is. But I blame Adele Sessler. It's all her fault for inspiring me to write about elves and torment. *giggle* Ok, ok, I'll go finish the first chapter of Mysticor Redemption now. But enjoy this while you wait. Also, I'm looking for people who would be interested in drawing an illustration or three for this. I'm willing to pay reasonable commissions or art trades. Let me know. These are Elves in Mysticor, in one of the Elven cities, called Dilis (dill-iss) located in the Garren Hills. King Arnou (AHR-no) rules under the High King, Eliem, who lives in another city called Terinaeth. There has been an ongoing war against the Dwoars (rhymes with boars). Kyrril (KEER-ill) Queen Meriel (MEER-ee-el) Vessas (VES-sus)

Mysticor: Redemption: Glossary

I wrote a story WAY back in 8th grade. It was good at the time, but it needs a serious re-write. This glossary will help define some terms and help you figure out who's who and what's what in my world of Mysticor. It also covers how to pronounce the names of people and things since I like to make up words. EDIT: (02-03) It is no longer necessary to read this first. I've rearranged it so it's all alphabatised. I'm also only uploading terms introduced in each chapter. Right now, it has Chapters 1 & 2 in it.